Maxine Reyes

Maxine Reyes is a well-rounded and dynamic individual. Proud mother, U.S.Army retired Combat Veteran, Air Force Veteran, Philanthropist, Author, Public Speaker, Certified Instructor, Public Speaking Coach & Certified Master Resilience Coach.

She was born in Kingston, Jamaica, but grew up in Manchester with her great-grandmother who died when she was 12 years old. She moved in with her mother and stepfather and attended school until her freshman year of high school. After her first year in high school, Maxine migrated to South Florida, USA. She lived with her grandmother in Pembroke Pines for a while and attended Cooper City High, she later transferred to Miramar High where she graduated and was voted most talented at her senior prom by her peers due to her singing talents. By now, she has grown accustomed to moving and decided to join the military to further her education, professional skills, and travel opportunities. 

After high school, Maxine joined the Air Force.  After serving 11 years, she transferred to the Army to become an officer. She served in the combat zone and has had a fulfilling military career in various roles as a commander, instructor, budget, and finance officer, with several additional duties under her belt like casualty officer, investing officer, and more. She obtained several degrees and various self-development certifications.  

Maxine retired from the military with an honorable discharge and is now pursuing a career in the media & entertainment field. She loves singing, and storytelling on camera and on stage. Currently, she is the Founder and CEO of Courage & Grace Foundation, a 501( c ) 3 non-profit that supports Girls Confidence and Youth Education programs through scholarships, mentorship, and The Arts, and causes supporting the Military Families Community.

This soul-centered leader has inspired and entertained a wide range of audiences by singing and speaking. This includes a President of the United States, the dignitaries of Qatar, coalition troops in Afghanistan, collegiate students, and Wounded Warriors of the Armed Forces. Her music can be simplified as love and inspirational and can be found on most streaming platforms. Maxine’s passions, talents, and skills are undeniable.

You can find Maxine speaking at women’s empowerment, marriage & relationships, teens and youth events, and schools locally and internationally, collaborating with local businesses to serve causes that affect the youth, the military community, and the community that she lives in. Maxine is passionate about mental and physical wellness, the Arts, youth mentorship, and education.

As a philanthropic leader, Maxine has mentored hundreds of individuals while gaining notoriety for her exceptional leadership style and her outstanding community service. Maxine founded the “Doctor Bird Scholarship Award” with her husband, to recognize educational excellence at her primary school in her native town of Marlie Hill, Jamaica. Maxine’s philanthropic and leadership excellence was also recognized by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, where she was honored with their “Military Person of the Year” award. Maxine’s incredible level of community involvement while serving in Orlando, earned her the proclamation that July 14, 2016, is forever  known as “Captain Maxine Reyes Day.”

Maxine has paved the way for the women she has influenced and inspired over the years. She believes in speaking up for the rights of the youth and women everywhere, while removing all societal limitations. Maxine encourages others to live their lives to the fullest and leave a vast legacy in their wake. “Educating the youth and taking on the responsibility of being a positive role model for them will always be near and dear to my heart.” She said. To this end, Maxine is especially drawn to causes that supports strong military families, healthy underprivileged children and women. Lastly, Maxine’s mantra is that in all things, do so with Love, Courage, Grace and Gratitude.