Active Military and Their Families

Active Military and their families

The Tampa Bay Defense Alliance (TBDA or The Alliance) identified four important audience segments that we serve on an ongoing basis. While many of our efforts benefit all of our audience segments, each individual segment has their own specific needs and to that end, require specific services and efforts to be expended on their behalf as part of our Mission: To Champion the Defense Community.

What does the TBDA do to benefit our active military personnel and their families?

The TBDA leadership consists of a number of retired General / Senior Officers and Enlisted members that sit on our Board of Directors and Advisors or that represent our Community Partners. They are uniquely qualified to speak to the needs of our active military and their families. Their participation with the TBDA insures that active military personnel and their families have a voice that is heard and understood by the Alliance.

Their presence insures that the TBDA keeps our active military and their families “top of mind” by focusing on initiatives that include but are not limited to:

      • Promote and grow the region’s military missions and installations;
      • Provide support and incentives for the defense community to remain or relocate in the eight county area;
      • Encourage increased defense business relocation through tax and other state incentives;
      • Create greater awareness of our eight counties’ military-friendly environment including support for veterans, retirees and military dependents;
      • To improve the state’s military friendly environment for service members, military dependents, military retirees and businesses who bring military and base-related jobs to the state;
      • Recruiting Opportunities – access to military personnel that will soon be retired;
      • Continue to strengthen state support for military families and veterans with a focus on education, health care, employment and family programs;
      • Improve the quality of life for active, guard, reserve and retired military personnel and their families including the support of our Veteran’s Administration and its medical treatment to our Wounded Heroes and retired military vets;
      • To support the state’s position in research and development related to or arising out of military missions and contracting;
      • Showcase Tampa Bay and its culture to our Coalition Partners serving at US Central Command; and
      • Increase mutually beneficial economic development opportunities for the State of Florida, the Tampa Bay Region and MacDill Air Force Base.

Over the next few months we will offer services on and/or through the TBDA website including but not limited to:

      • We will have the only KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT website focused on the regional defense community and its issues of concern and interest;
      • We will provide a central “clearinghouse” of defense industry news;
      • We will interface with the MacDill website;
      • We will offer downloads of white papers and industry data;
      • We will provide key links to knowledge and data about the military, the defense industry and  the region;
      • We expect to be used as a member/sponsor portal to all content that is defense oriented;
      • We will offer discounts from TBDA members to military, individual members and/or employees of other members as they become available;
      • We will offer partnership marketing offers for military, individual members and/or employees of other members as they become available;
      • We will provide a forum for those with defense community concerns; and
      • We will maintain and publish a calendar of industry, regional, local and TBDA events with any defense or military connection.

We hope you will visit our website on a daily basis for news and updates that affect you and your families and we encourage your observations and feedback about how we can be of better service to you.

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